Saturday Beauty: The Look This Week #3


The look this week on LipstickandMuffin will be featuring my beautiful friend, Odessa. Since Spring is coming, we decided to rock some bright pink and blue shadows on this look.

In this look, we used:


1. Eyes: Motives La La Muse Palette for the blue shadow and Motives Glitter Pot in Jewel Pink for the inner corner

Lalaeyepallette                        glitterpotpink



2. Eyeliner: Motives Little Black Dress Eyeliner 



3. Lipstick: Motives for La La Mineral Lipstick in BESO 



4. Eyelashes: L’Oreal Paris Telescopic 



5. Eyebrows: Motives for Lala Waterproof Mineral Eyebrows Pencil in DARK BROWN


Author: LipstickandMuffinGirl.Com

Beauty Blogger, Serial E-Commerce Entrepreneur & Girlboss

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