Saturday Beauty: Dark Lips are my new obsession!



Recently I have been obsessed with all different shades dark colour lipsticks!!! “Lorde” effect?? Maybe !!! But I also love the fact that you can put on the minimal amount of make up and rock the lipsticks all the way. This is one look I am wearing this Saturday. Simple and clean 🙂

You can create this look with simply 3 products:

1. Eyeshadow: Motives Mavens Elements Palette but I only use the black colour on the top right and blend it in 




2. Eyeliner: Motives Liquid Eyeliner Noir



3. Lipstick: Motives for Lala Moisture Rich Lipsticks (New Colours for Spring/Summer 2014) 

In this picture, I used Scarlet but you can simple rock this look with any of the colours below

fritzie lip collage


And that’s it!!! The look is completed 🙂


Author: LipstickandMuffinGirl.Com

Beauty Blogger, Serial E-Commerce Entrepreneur & Girlboss

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