New Hair Trend To Look Out For This Season 2016

Hi everyone!

Today, I would like to share with you a new hair trend that is absolutely my favourite and does not require too much work and effort (BONUS!!!) to have this season. I am talking specifically to all the ladies who have short hair and are thinking to themselves “There is not much I could do with it”.

Well, if you are just like me who is pretty lazy when it comes to styling and teasing and all of that other stuff. This new trend is for you.

This new trend is called “Half-Bun” and you re probably going “This is not new!” but you don’t often see a lot of girls with short hair rocking a half-bun until this year. It basically requires no effort and in some cases, the more messy the better. All you need is a hair band (might requires some bobby pins), some hair spray and that’s about it. Check it out!






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Source: Pinterest

From Tracey with ❤


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