Featured Friday: How To Use Google Keep As An Online Entrepreneur

Hello everyone! For this week’s “Featured Friday”, we have the privilege to have Melisa Ricker at Engineeredmotherhood share with us some tips on how to be more productive using Google Keep as an busy online entrepreneur. 

Have you ever had a really good idea while you are out driving on the highway stuck in traffic or sitting in the dentist chair? You get all excited about it and even start to plan it out in your head. But your busy day gets in the way, and by the time you get home that evening the idea is long gone. You beat yourself up thinking “Why didn’t I jot it down somewhere before I forgot?” But it isn’t like you carry around a stack full of post it notes!

I don’t know why the best ideas always come at the worst times, but luckily there is a solution. Google Keep is a free tool that makes it simple to capture ideas, notes, and to-do lists on the go. You can think of Google Keep kind of like digital post-it -notes. Staying organized is the key to success as an online entrepreneur, and this tool will give you note keeping ability with pizazz.

Speak to Google Keep

You’ll never miss another great idea while you are on the go. Google Keep allows you to speak to your smartphone through the app, and it will transcribe it for you…even while you drive! Any time I am on a long drive, I have Google Keep open on my phone. That way as my mind wanders, I can quickly grab my phone and record ideas as they come to me. Later that night I can grab my laptop and have all of my thoughts captured for me. I can either read what Google transcribed or listen to my original recording. From there I can add to, edit, send, or delete my notes.

Make Checklists

Checklists are a tool that every online entrepreneur needs. We have so much going on and there are always a million things to keep up with. I love checklists. Every single day I make a short (or long) checklist of what I need to accomplish that day right within my Google Keep. I can add to it or check things off as they get done throughout the day. I can start my list on my smartphone before I even get out of bed in the morning. By the time I make it to my desktop, there is my list waiting for me. At the end of the day, I can take a look to see if there is anything I didn’t get around to so I can set up and prioritize the next day’s list.

I also use the checklist function to keep grocery lists and lists for other events (such as my son’s first birthday party) right there in front of me. Google Keep makes it easy to collaborate with others as well. I can easily send my grocery list to my husband so he can run by the store on his way home from work or add to the list.

Color Code and Label for Better Organization

Use different colors and labels or all of your notes and lists in Google Keep. It will make it easier to filter and search later on. Google Keep has amazing search capabilities. I use a different color and label for my blog notes than I do my personal notes so as soon as I open my account, I can clearly tell which notes belong to which category. I also have a label titled “follow up” for those items I need to get back to. Everything under my ‘follow up’ label has a reminder set up so I don’t forget!

Location Based Reminders

Any note that you take in Google Keep has an option for a reminder. You can set reminders at certain times/days or you can even set a location based reminder which will pull up your note and remind you when you are near a certain location. For example, I could write myself a note to run by the bank and pull out some money for the baby sitter and set a location based reminder. As I am approaching the bank, Google Keep will alert me and remind me to pull over and grab some cash.


Google Keep allows you to take pictures and add them right to your notes. You can snap pictures or upload from your phone. I usually add cute pictures of my baby boy to notes pertaining to him (just because I like to look at him)! I also might see an article I want to read or notice a beautiful flower that would look great in a blog post. I can snap a quick picture and add a note to myself for later. I sometimes even take a screen shot of a Facebook post or a pin on Pinterest that I want to remember. The options are endless.

I’ve also been in situations where my phone battery has died so I’ve taken a quick note on a napkin or piece of paper. Once I get my phone back up and running, instead of rewriting the note I can simply snap a picture of the napkin and upload it. Pretty cool!

Send to Google Docs

Google Keep is a great place for brainstorming and collaboration. Sometimes though you may start a project or activity in Google Keep, but it eventually needs to be expanded beyond a simple note. Instead of starting over, you can simply send your note to a Google Doc where you can edit and expand into something much larger.

Google Keep is a very simple yet powerful on-the-go tool that all online entrepreneurs will benefit from using. This one little app will revolutionize your online organization and guarantee that you never forget another one of your genius ideas while you are on the go. Give it a trial run and see how much you love it today!

01Melissa Ricker is a mother, a wife, a nuclear engineer, and a professional freelance writer. She runs a blog aimed at helping working mothers find a balance between growing their careers and growing their families through a series of helpful hints, productivity tips, and technology hacks. She wants every mother to know that she can have both a career and a family without constantly feeling torn between the two. Head on over to www.engineeredmotherhood.com and follow her today!

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