7 Sure Fire Ways to Grow Your Creative Business on Instagram

If you are any type of creative business owner, from interior designer to shop owner to blogger, you need to get your pretty tush on Instagram! Instagram is one of the most artistic and captivating social media platforms out there, and if utilized in the right way, it can do wonders to help you grow your business.

The thing I love most about Instagram is pretty much any industry can flourish there. Whether you run a business in fashion, photography, weddings, makeup, tech accessories, food, stationery, graphic design, you name it, you can thrive on Instagram.

Growing your business on Instagram isn’t always easy, but with these 7 tips, get ready to see it soar!

1. Profile picture

From personal experience, we, at LMM headquarters have found that a profile picture with your face does much better than a profile picture with your logo. It humanizes your account and lets your followers see the people behind the business. Especially if you are an entrepreneur or small to medium business owner, it’s essential to ensure your followers feel connected to you!

We are working on growing our Instagram account from scratch over at @lipstickandmuffinmedia and changing our profile image from our logo to our faces has been a game changer!

2. Photography is key


Good photography is key to success on Instagram. No one wants to look at an account with dark, crooked and off-focus photos! Think about how you want to convey your brand on Instagram and make sure all your photos fit that aesthetic. Is your brand minimal and airy? Feminine and bright? Bold and edgy?

Make sure all your photos fit your brand. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take awesome photos (I’m sure not!), but practice does make perfect! Make sure to always shoot in natural light, play around with angles and get creative! You’ll find your signature photography style as you go, and it will help in growing your biz!

3. Behind-the-scenes

Human beings are naturally nosy and love to get behind-the-scenes peeks, especially when it comes to creative businesses. It goes beyond being nosy and intrigued. Many people aspire to work in the creative industry, and a behind-the-scenes look offers inspiration, and shows them what a day in the life would be like. With the launch of Instagram stories, it’s even easier to give your followers sneak peeks into your daily life, so go ahead and give them what they want!

4. Flaunt your stuff

If you sell products through your business, whether it’s wall art, website designs, planners, or clothing, use Instagram to show it off! Instagram is one of the most powerful tools you can use to promote your products and show people how your products can fit into their everyday lives.

Do you sell planners for busy girls on the go? Style shots on a marble table top with your planner surrounded by pens, coffee, lipstick, sunglasses and an iPad. All these things are items busy girl bosses see on a daily basis, and working your planner in will show them how it will work perfectly into their lifestyle (and entice them to buy it!).

5. Giveaways


When we first launched our @lipstickandmuffinmedia Instagram account we held a giveaway. It helped us gain a lot of followers who ended up being our target audience and most of them are still with us today! Not only did we give away some awesome products, we also offered a free social media strategy session for our lucky winner!

Get your creative juices flowing and think about an awesome giveaway you can offer!

6. Collaborate 

Never underestimate the power of Instagram influencers and bloggers. Shoppers are now more inclined to purchase things promoted by their favorite influencers, more so than celebrities or advertisements.

Let’s say you sell pretty stationery. Do some research on lifestyle bloggers/Instagrammers who completely suit your brand. Reach out to them for a collaboration and see if they will help promote your product. You should have a budget set aside for this as many popular Instagrammers will charge to promote a product. Make sure that you do you research, though. Ask them for stats from past campaigns to see if their promotion has resulted in profit.

7. Be consistent


Consistency is key to growing your followers, and thus your business, on Instagram. If you don’t post for a week, people may get bored and unfollow you. Aim to post at least once a day to keep your followers on their toes! The more you post, the more they will want to see. But don’t overdo it. I would suggest keeping it to a maximum of three a day even if you have a lot of content to post.

Need help growing your business on Instagram? You may be interested in one of our awesome social media packages! You can check them out here!

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