About Us


“Dreams come a size too big so you can grow into them”

Hi there,

My name is Tracey Nguyen and I am the founder of LIPSTICKANDMUFIN.COM. My “full time” job is to empower women to find their inner potentials, their inner beauty and confidence and to help them realize that they are amazing and together we can conquer the world.

As a former street style blogger turned fashion and beauty blogger, currently building my own empire, I actually graduated from business and once followed the social norm of working at a 9-5 and climbing the corporate ladder until I crossed path with a few incredible people that woke up my childhood dreams. So I decided to walk away from corporate life to pursuit my dreams for beauty and fashion.

I believe in the power of the mind and making the impossible possible. I believe in female entrepreneurship and the power of women to make the world a better place.

For that reason, I have partnered up with a few amazing individuals and created this platform for you to connect and to shine.

Are you young and ambitious? Are you looking for an opportunity to start your own business and pursuit your passion for fashion and beauty through social media? Take control of your life today and be a part of the upcoming movement of successful female entrepreneurs reaching out to me on any of the social network I am on.

If you are a beauty blogger, make up artist or just another ‘dream big’ entrepreneur who is looking to expand your network or collaborate.

Please feel free to contact me at traceyn@lipstickandmuffin.com


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