Three Make Up Products Every Girl Will Need This Summer

Hello everyone!

Sorry for being M.I.A for a bit but things have been extremely hectic for me these past few months with all the house huntings and business deals. I felt really guilty for not being able to put some time in this blog but the good news I  am back again and I cannot wait to share with you about everything that I have had experienced during the time I was M.I.A from my blog 🙂

Not sure which part of the world you are in right now but in Toronto, it finally feels like summer is here. When it comes to make up, there are 3 products that I feel like all of us will need (especially those that have oily skin like me) and I want to share with you why I love them so much and why I want to recommend these products to you.

Three Must Have Make Up Items This Season
  1. No More Shine Setting Spray:


What I love about this setting spray is that it can hold your make up up to 16 hours and it has more to offer than just a make up setting spray. To all my girlboss out there, you know how it feels to have a day jam packed of meetings and running around across the city getting your tasks done. This make up setting spray will be your best friend so you can be as productive as possible without worrying about touching up your make up. I love how my make up stays even after a crazy 16 hours of back to back meetings and photoshoots.

This spray weightlessly controls oil on your face and makes sure that your make up always looks matte and fresh. It offers a ‘fancy’ technology called surface cooling technology which cools down your body temperature and prevents make up from smudging or creasing. I love spraying this on my face and all over my body during a hot summer day.

This is a perfect substitution to oil blotting paper because you don’t need to dap the same piece of paper back on your skin (kinda gross sometimes). Thus, this spray also helps preventing clogged pores and acnes which are very common with oily skin.

Price: Very affordable ($30)

2. Motives Translucent Powder


Now I know summer is hot and a lot of us prefer to put as little make up on as possible so this Translucent Powder is actually perfect for you. I have combination skin (which is actually the trickiest to deal with) and I can’t go a day without this product. Why?

  • It controls shy without clogging your pores
  • It provides a satin finish look which makes your skin look and feel super smooth (I can’t stop touching my skin while wearing this product which is NOT a good thing)
  • Fragrance free
  • I can use this to set my liquid foundation in the summer and it feels almost weightless

Price: Affordable ($30) which is gonna last you for a year (mine lasts me over a year)

3. Motives California Girl Bronzer:

Of course, a summer MUST HAVE can’t be complete without a good bronzer. Since I already have oily skin, I try to stay away from any products that have more shimmering in their texture. I know for a lot of people, Motives Miami Glow Bronzer is their favourite but for me, I personally prefer the matte Kim K kinda bronzer so this bronzer is perfect for me 🙂


Price: Very affordable ($23)

This is my complete look using all 3 of the products 🙂 Fast, quick and simple and your make up stays amazingly for 16 hours!!!

Hello Summer 🙂





Spring Dewy Make Up

Hi everyone, to follow up with my Spring 2016 Trends post, I was inspired and decided to create a make up look myself and share with you the products that I used to create this look.

As mentioned in the last post, this Spring is all about soft pastel colours and glowy dewy skin.


Primer & Foundation:

This Spring is all about the dewy & healthy skin. Make sure to use a primer before applying your foundation to not only keep your make up long lasting but also protect your skin from all other environmental affects.

My two favourite primers of all time for oily skin are:

Motives Cosmetics Perfecting Primer  ($34 CAD)


SmashBox Photo Finish Foundation Primer (Sephora – $44 CAD)


For foundation, I like to use liquid foundation that can dry like powder as I have oily skin but also look for something with great coverage.  Motives has a great line of this liquid powder foundation which is great for oily skin in Spring. It is a liquid foundation but dries like powder. I am wearing Motives Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation in Sandy Beige for this look ($40 CAD)



Highlighter & Blush:

I am absolutely in love with this new Motives I DO Palette designed by celebrities Make Up Artist Jackie Gomez. Their highlighter & blush is just at the perfect shade for this season and are suitable for all skin colours.

Motives I Do Palette ($66 CAD) 



To give my eyes a soft pastel look, I use Motives Pressed Eyeshadow in Love Me on my eyelids and Motives Eye Illusion Eyeshadow in Essence on the crease

Motives Pressed Eyeshadow in Love Me ($20 CAD)


Motives Eye Illusion in Essence ($27 CAD)


Eyeliner & Eyebrows: 

My favourite eyebrows product for this season is the Anastasia Dip Brow in Medium Brown  ($23)


Don’t forget to add your favourite liquid eyeliner & lashes to this look.


Last but not least, this look will not be complete without adding some extra natural soft pink shine to your lips. With this look, I use Motives Lips Candies in Cotton Candy.

Motives Lips Candies in Cotton Candy ($24 CAD)


And this is it! You have a Spring 2016 inspired look that goes with pretty much anything that you decide to wear that day. Fresh & Fab! What do you think?