#FeaturedFriday: The Importance of Having A Facebook Page for Your GirlBoss Business

Hello Girlboss!

For this week #FeaturedFriday, we would like to introduce to you the Founder of PiperMedia, Erin Montgomery. She will be explaining to us why it is so important to have a Facebook Page if you are in business. We love what she has to say and we think that you will do too!


We all have a love/hate relationship with Facebook – or maybe that’s just me. And I know as a social media marketer that is the last thing I should be saying as Facebook has been a big tool in the growth of my business.

As a self proclaimed girlboss who launched her business on a whim and a cup of coffee Facebook has been a vital part of my business. And whenever I sign a new client the first question I always ask is do you have a business Facebook page? And you would be surprised at how many lady bosses have not seen the value in Facebook pages.

When Facebook first launched we used it to stalk our exes, look up old classmates and to post the occasional selfie or status we wished we never made public. But Facebook for business has been a game changer for girlboss’ and if you currently don’t have a Facebook business page – well what are you waiting for?


Starting a Facebook business page should be the second thing you do after you decide on a business name. Growing your social media following even before you launch is a great way to gauge your audience interest in your subject and learn about what they want/need from your specific business venture.

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms – 13 billion people log onto Facebook daily, that is a HUGE audience for your business. While it may be a little more difficult to grow organically on Facebook because it is so saturated with business pages it is possible. Facebook offers small businesses the opportunity to present their business to millions of people, to build their reputation and to become an expert in their field.

Facebook offers a wide range of tools for small business owners most are free but there are some that are very cost effective. When starting a business page one of the things I always recommend is run Facebook ads. Running a page promotion ad for your business can cost you as little as $30/monthly and it will help you to reach your target audience and get your business in front of thousands of people.

And one other tip I need to leave you with – is to post consistently. When you start a Facebook business page it is important to establish a proper posting schedule because it is something your followers will come to expect. I recommend posting to your business page at least once per day. But always remember that you don’t want to be to salesy. Self promoting is definitely something you should do maybe once every 3 days but don’t forget to also provide your followers with content that they will value. Try posting quotes, articles relating to your business, tips and tricks and the occasional behind the scenes look. Make sure you are offering more than just a constant sales push.

So are you ready to launch your Facebook page?

erinErin Montgomery is the founder of Piper Media, a boutique communications agency that specializes in social media management and blog assistance for small businesses. She has been working in the social media field for 5+ years and has worked female entrepreneurs for the pas year helping them to build their online presence. When she is not online she is spending time with her two little ones and shuffling between dance and karate lessons.